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Recent Science Maps

Recent Reviews

  • Bats, Encroachment into Habitat, and New Pandemics. Part 2
    Here we review why cutting down tropical forests results in new epidemics, where they are predicted to start, and how to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission from bats to humans
  • Bats, Encroachment into Habitat, and New Pandemics. Part 1
    How does human intervention in wild habitat affect the emergence of new pandemics? We explain this on the example of epidemics that have spread from bats. In the first part of the review, we discuss whether bats are “special” as hosts of the viruses, and how the environment affects the likelihood of infection spillover

Our Methods

  • How Do We Do Science Mapping?
    Though we do not specialize in epidemic research, we systematically search scientific literature on a given topic and visualize the connections between publications. In these networks, called science maps, we distinguish clusters that represent meaningful research fields, and describe them in the reviews. Here we explain the details of our procedure.


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